Why choose coaching through Sphere?

Why choose Sphere to be your vessel for growth? Simply put, there is nothing like Sphere out there. From the technology to the variety and quality of our coaches to the unique membership model.

  1. When you work with Sphere, you aren't restricted to just one coach or one type of coach. We have over 160+ coaches: life coaches, leadership coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, health coaches, communication coaches.
  2. Coaches outside of Sphere charge up to 70% more. You get high-quality coaching consistently at a reduced rate.
  3. You get an experience that makes committing to growing as a person as accessible as signing up to your favourite gym.

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^ Book your complimentary Meet & Greets and experience the beauty of Sphere until you find a Guide you want to work with. We will not auto-enrol you. You are still subject to the Sphere Cancelation Policy

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